> People,
> I want to select only the middle tomato and then treat the edges of
> the
> single tomato so that the edges are soft like edges of the existing
> tomatoes on the left and right.  I have tried cropping down to one
> tomato and then various attempts at fixing the edges using smudging
> and
> burning etc but the result never looks right - how would the image
> gurus
> do it?

Use the lasso tool and make a rough selection
quickmask it
adjust the selection more precisely
un quickmask it
cut it out
past as a new image on a tranparent layer
insert a white layer underneath

Then experiment with various tomato selection, selection shrinks etc,
and then blur to make the edges soft

You could use the foreground select tool for step one, but I think the
lasso is the better option in this case


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