mike510 wrote:
> after I have upgraded Gimp to 2.6.4 (Windows), it stopped to inport SVG files
> (neither via File -> Open, nor via Paths Dialog - Import path). In the last
> case it seems to work but no paths are seen in a picture, only in path layers
> dialog.
> The SVG files were the same which I have already rendered in previous version
> Gimp.
> I always get error message tellig that Microsoft Visual C runtime
> unexpectedly closed file-svg plugin.
> Is it just me or does anybody encountered the same situation?

I am currently using gnuplot in a current project so I took a quick look at 
this. I was able to reproduce the problem and discovered the SVG file created 
by gnuplot won't load in either the 2.4.7 or 2.6.1 versions of GIMP.

The error message is:

Could not open
'/part2/home/kcozens/Projects/Arbortronics/USP/src/frontend/test.svg' for
reading: Error parsing XML data

The method to reproduce the problem (but not always) is to use gnuplot in 
interactive mode. Generate a plot (ie. "plot sin(x)") using the default 
terminal of wxt then set terminal to png, set the output file, and replot.

However, this morning, my saved files that wouldn't load yesterday now load. 
There may be a more subtle problem caused by some interaction between running 
gnuplot and GIMP. Further investigation is required.



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