I have found out that I can open Inkscape examples OK. But my files which were
generated bu Gnuplot can not be opened. At the same time Firefox and Inkscape
can open them. Previously I was able to open and edit them (I still have some
XCF files made out of my SVG ones.) 
I opened one file in Inkscape, edited it and saved (to exclude possible

>On Fri, 16 Jan 2009 14:46:51 +0100 (CET), mike510 wrote:
>> after I have upgraded Gimp to 2.6.4 (Windows), it stopped to inport
>> SVG files (neither via File -> Open, nor via Paths Dialog - Import
>> path). In the last case it seems to work but no paths are seen in a
>> picture, only in path layers dialog.
>It appears it works fine here.
>I have done a small garbage (a few lines) in Inkscape, saved as .svg,
>the opened in GIMP. My garbage was there, over a transparent background.
>Both via drag & drop and/or via open dialog.
>For the second test I don't know the steps to reproduce.

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