On Sat, 10 Jan 2009 11:06:16 -0500, Kevin Cozens wrote:

> Thufir wrote:
>> I used gimp to add text to a pdf to fill out a form, and then printed
>> the resulting xcf file back to pdf -- which worked fine.
>> How do I edit the text on the xcf file to correct, for example, a
>> spelling error?
> You would make your corrections the same way you added text to fill out
> the form. the only difference would be you need to clear the area
> containing incorrect text before you add the corrected text.
> Use the rectangular select tool to select the portion of the text you
> want to remove then hit the delete key to clear it.

Pardon the delayed response.  I get the gist of what you're saying, and 
that's what I tried to do from the get-go.

What I mean is that when re-open a file from gimp I can't seem to 
"select" the text, which I previously wrote and inserted, to delete or 
modify it.


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