mcb...@broggs.org (2009-02-04 at 1345.13 -0500):
> On Wed, Feb 04, 2009 at 07:28:06PM +0100, GSR - FR wrote:
> > Hi,
> > capn...@yahoo.com (2009-02-04 at 0902.16 -0800):
> > > I have a large amout of .xcf that I would like to batch convert to .xcfgz 
> > > is there an application that can do this?
> > 
> > Just run gzip *.xcf in a shell. Or look for a compression app that can
> > gzip multiple files separatelly (not tar then gzip... no idea if any
> > app does that alone, I just go with simpler g(un)zip for this).
> > 
> > As advice, save and use .xcf.gz instead of .xcfgz so you need no extra
> > steps, gunzip *.xcf.gz will revert the compression, but with .xcfgz
> > you will need some tricks to handle the renaming.
> The trick isn't hard once you know it
> gzip -S gz *.xcf
> (the default suffix is .gz, so we are just removing the .)

Ahh, good trick to know indeed, that the dot has to be explicitly
mentioned as part of the extension.

Well, using .gz (or .bz2 for bzip2 compression) still has more
adventages, not only with gzip, but Gimp in general, as you can save
.pnm.gz or many other formats that are natively uncompressed and it
will load back, but the only supported "without dot" are .xcfgz and

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