> Hi,
> capn...@yahoo.com (2009-02-04 at 0902.16 -0800):
> > I have a large amout of .xcf that I would like to
> batch convert to .xcfgz is there an application that can do
> this?
> GSR - FR <wrote>
Just run gzip *.xcf in a shell. Or look for a compression
> app that can
> gzip multiple files separatelly (not tar then gzip... no
> idea if any
> app does that alone, I just go with simpler g(un)zip for
> this).
> As advice, save and use .xcf.gz instead of .xcfgz so you
> need no extra
> steps, gunzip *.xcf.gz will revert the compression, but
> with .xcfgz
> you will need some tricks to handle the renaming.

Is this possible on windows xp?  Becaues what you just said sounded like a 
foreign language that I have never heard :)

Jeffrey Brent McBeth <wrote>
> The trick isn't hard once you know it
> gzip -S gz *.xcf
> (the default suffix is .gz, so we are just removing the .)
> Jeff

I forgot to mention how would you do this on Windows XP.  Completely forgot 
that gimp runs on other OS besides windows.

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