firestick wrote:
> In selecting areas by color (whether contiguous or not) I can set the
> threshold to get more or less colors similar to the exact color I click
> on.  I can then drag a color from the toolbar and drop it on the image
> and it will fill in those selected areas, and this is really cool....
> Is there a way to make the color I fill those areas in with change in
> relation to the colors it's replacing?  For example, if I select a range
> of greenish colors, is there a way I can replace it with a range of
> blueish colors instead of just one particular blue?

Here's a different approach to getting the effect you want, based upon 
the proposition that it will take more (perhaps much more) time to get 
the effect you want by replacing the colors in the pixels you want to 
change with new ones, than it will by modifying the existing pixels,

1)  Open the image you wish to modify

2)  Select the areas of your image where you want to change the colors, 
and copy the selection, and paste it into a new layer filled with 

3) Open a new image filled with transparency, and copy the layer you 
made in step 2 above to this new image.

4)  Using the color balance and hue saturation dialogs, make the 
adjustments want to the colors in the image you created in item 3.

5)  Copy the entire modified image and paste it into a new, transparent 
layer in the original image.

6)  In the new layer in the original image, select the  background by 
color, and invert the selection.

7)  Leaving the selection intact, select the base image as the active 
layer; cut out the selection.

8)  Merge the layers together.


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