Greg Chapman wrote:
> On 11 Feb 09 23:42 "Jozef Legény" <> said:
>>> Is there a way to make the color I fill those areas in with change
>>> in relation to the colors it's replacing?  For example, if I 
>>> select a range of greenish colors, is there a way I can replace it
>>> with a range of blueish colors instead of just one particular 
>>> blue?
While fill doesn't work, you can easily do what you want by selecting a 
big brush, setting the mode to hue, and brushing across the selection.  
Hue leaves the saturation (how much color) and value (where on the 
black-gray-white scale), alone, and just changes the hue (what color).  
If you get a big enough brush you can do it in one click.<grin;>  I 
often select an area like for instance, a friends face with the magic 
wand, and change the color while retaining all the highlights and the 


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