On Monday 16 February 2009, Helen wrote:
> js
> Thank you - this looks much like what I'd like to do -- the photo on
> bottom right in your collection of nine is just about exactly what I
> have in mind.
> Problem: I don't know how to download and use this.  I did download,
> and I did see the script -- but I don't know how to get it into my Gimp.
> I will not be offended if you say that asking for such help is beyond what
> I should expect.  I'm hoping that you can give me simple instructions on
> how to use the script, but I will understand if that is more help than I
> should expect.

Hi Helen -

If you are on widnows, the first task is to get python scripting enabled.  The 
easier way to do it is to downlaod the gimp + python + requisites bundle from 

and following the install instructions.

If you are in an operating system rather than windows, you shou8ld just check 
your tool for installing components and pick "gimp-python" . The requisite 
chain will be taken care of for you.   (actually, I am not shure about how to 
proceed on Mac os X).

After that, copy the .py file on a Gimp plug-ins folder - you can check the 
address for those in the preferences->folder section of GIMP.  If you are not 
running windows, the .py file should explicitly be marked as an executable  
(right click with your file manager, then pick file properties)

After that, this particular plug-in should show up in filters->artistic->photo 


> I do like your script!
> Helen
> using Gimp 2.4.5 on Linux, SuSE 11
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