A friend has downloaded GIMP 2.2 Debian onto my ASUS 900 eee Linux system.

I've been playing with it a bit to get familiar.  I cannot get several of the 
tools to work. For example, when I click on the clone tool and try to use it on 
an image, when I move the mouse to the image, the clone tool has a 'forbidden' 
sign (circle with bar) above it, and I cannot use it.

Truthfully, I had GIMP downloaded to my little laptop so I could make basic 
manipulations to images:  brightness/contrast, cropping/clone tool work, and 
now I can't get the clone tool to work!  Is it possible the program was not 
properly installed?

Can someone please help?  If I have to download something, spell it out for me, 
please....   :<)

If I have to reinstall it, please tell me what I have to type to do so.  The 
package itself is already in my computer (my friend used it to install, but 
maybe not correctly??)

Thank you.

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