Using Gimp 2.6.6 on Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy) Linux.

For the vast majority of my work, every time I enlarge the canvas (which
I have to do a _lot_ ), I want _all_ the Layers to enlarge as well.

However, the dialog box

   Image... Canvas Size... Layers...

_always_ seems to default to "None" instead of "All Layers".

While I have a difficult time understanding why "None" is a better
default setting than "All Layers", I suppose that there are some very
good reasons that are beyond my grasp.

However, certainly there must be a way to change this default for a
particular Gimp installation.... or at the very least, for a particular
user session of running Gimp.

Am I missing something?

Does this require a plug-in?  Is there one that will do it?

Is there a plug-in that will allow the user control over _all_ the
defaults?  (The model that comes to mind is the firefox/thunderbird
about:config setting methods.)


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