On Sun, Apr 5, 2009 at 7:49 PM, Carusoswi <for...@gimpusers.com> wrote:
> If someone will explain to me how to subscribe here, I will do my best to
> answer using the proper method.  I discovered this forum during a search on
> Gimp.  My mail client is gmail.
So is mine :) So I expect you should have no trouble with this:

1. Go to the url I previously provided, http://www.gimp.org/mail_lists.html
2. Click on 'Gimp-user'
3. Fill out the 'Subscribing' part of the form, then click on the
'Subscribe' button
(Note -- your email address is the only part of the form that is
strictly required)
4. You will be emailed to confirm your subscription. Follow the
instructions given.
5. That's all.

Hope that helps.

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