On Sun, 05 Apr 2009 07:40:45 +0100, norman wrote:

> May I take this opportunity to add another thing. When replying to an
> item always use 'Reply to list' or the equivalent and not 'Reply to
> all'.

All the GIMP mailing lists have a configuration problem, in that when I
reply to a message it goes to the sender and not to the list. After a
while when I waiting for my message to appear and obviously it does
not, I remember "ough, this is the GIMP list, damn", so I have to
redirect the message with the address manually entered.

The GIMP lists are the only ones from those where I am subscribed (~15)
that behaves in this way.
Perhaps because the Sender address includes something with "bounces"
and not actually the list address ? I don't know, but it is annoying
and annoys the receiver when I first relplay to him and then again to
the list.

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