>What I really want to get is the Print Size in Image > Image Properties
>displayed in mm rather than inches, but in trying to find 

[. . .]

I too needed a display different from the default one. I wanted it to display
in picas. Could not find a solution so far. However as far as I could
understand it is related to the selection of units in the OS. GIMP refers to
the unit as 'real world' units.

Found a work around (for my purposes). In the Preferences/Image Window/Title
& Appearance made the following changes.

Changed the small 'w' and 'h' to their capitals which means
Image width/height shown in real-world units in the title bar instead of

Added '%u' to display the unit (in abbreviation).

Now, when I change the units selection in the status bar of the image window,
the dimension in that unit is displayed in the title bar. However for
resolution I have to call the Image Properties by 'Alt+Return'.

I found Section 1.12.1 'Changing the format' in the page
very useful to make these tweaks.

Krishna G. S.
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