Hi Gimp-user,

Two nice features

These may be simple features, but they sure are nice. The first is the
zoom image icon in the upper right-hand corner of the image window.
I use to hit equal, minus, and 1 multiple times to resize the image
and then I'd have to grab the lower right-hand corner. But with the
zoom image set, now I just grab the corner and the image automatically
resizes. Nice :-)

The other feature is keyboard shortcuts.  I doubled checked the keys
 already set, Edit -> Keyboard Shortcuts, because I don't want to make
 my Gimp environment too "non-standard".  I found a couple keys that were
 convenient for my use and not currently used. Now, if I find myself
 doing something repetitive, I select the menu item, and click the
 key, and it's set.

Do the tear-away menus still exist?  I didn't use them a lot when I
first read about them a while back, but I remember that there were
suppose to be a dashed line on sub-menus, and you'd grabbed them and
the menu would tear away. I used it a little bit, but something came
up and I wanted to revisit that, and I don't see the dashed lines any
more at the top of sub-menus.

I just thought I'd pass these along in case others weren't aware of
these features. If you are, please ignore this message ;-)

Thank you.

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