> Hi DJ,
> On Thu, Apr 16, 2009 at 10:47 AM, DJ <> wrote:
>> Do the tear-away menus still exist?  I didn't use them a lot when I
>> first read about them a while back, but I remember that there were
>> suppose to be a dashed line on sub-menus, and you'd grabbed them and
>> the menu would tear away. I used it a little bit, but something came
>> up and I wanted to revisit that, and I don't see the dashed lines any
>> more at the top of sub-menus.
> This depends on your GTK+ settings -- if you're using GNOME, it often
> likes to explicitly disable tearoffs; also, the rightclick menu can be
> different from the menubar in this aspect -- my menubars have no
> tearoffs, my right-click menu does have tearoffs.
> David
Unfortunately, in Ubuntu 8.10, you don't seem to be able to enable menu 
tearoffs in gnome at all.  I don't know if Gnome switched it off or 
what, but selecting it in gconf does nothing.  I've searched the web for 
info about why it doesn't work (or even /if/ it doesn't work - maybe 
it's just me) but with no luck.

David Marrs

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