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> Hi Gimp-user,
> Two nice features
> -----------------
> These may be simple features, but they sure are nice. The first is the
> zoom image icon in the upper right-hand corner of the image window.
> I use to hit equal, minus, and 1 multiple times to resize the image
> and then I'd have to grab the lower right-hand corner. But with the
> zoom image set, now I just grab the corner and the image automatically
> resizes. Nice :-)

Oh, I'd forgotten about this :) To clarify, what it actually does is
toggle whether the image zoom automatically changes to fit the image
in the window as you resize the window.
(personally I never use this, because all image windows are always the
same size for me (left 70% of horizontal screen space, lower 96% of
vertical screen space) and I do no window resizing.)
It might be good for additional floating image windows, eg. reference
pictures when I'm drawing, though.

> The other feature is keyboard shortcuts.  I doubled checked the keys
>  already set, Edit -> Keyboard Shortcuts, because I don't want to make
>  my Gimp environment too "non-standard".  I found a couple keys that were
>  convenient for my use and not currently used. Now, if I find myself
>  doing something repetitive, I select the menu item, and click the
>  key, and it's set.
>  http://docs.gimp.org/en/gimp-concepts-shortcuts.html

For that particular usage (where your repetitive tasks may only relate
to your current GIMP session, rather than occurring across multiple
sessions), you may want to consider using 'Dynamic keyboard
shortcuts', which are suited to very quick assignment (this is an
option in Preferences->Interface. The most reliable way to use it is
to enable it, assign some shortcuts, then disable it immediately

> Do the tear-away menus still exist?  I didn't use them a lot when I
> first read about them a while back, but I remember that there were
> suppose to be a dashed line on sub-menus, and you'd grabbed them and
> the menu would tear away. I used it a little bit, but something came
> up and I wanted to revisit that, and I don't see the dashed lines any
> more at the top of sub-menus.
> http://docs.gimp.org/en/menus.html#detachable-submenus

This depends on your GTK+ settings -- if you're using GNOME, it often
likes to explicitly disable tearoffs; also, the rightclick menu can be
different from the menubar in this aspect -- my menubars have no
tearoffs, my right-click menu does have tearoffs.

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