>Sorry Greg,I just downloaded Gimp and don't know anything about it yet. Go to
the truespace sight as their newest software and all 
>theirvideo tutorials are free. Microsoft bought Caligari which developed
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>Subject : RE: [Gimp-user] Sizing pictures
> I'm a newbie and have been using GIMP for a couple months to scale and
>images for a website I am trying to create and have that all worked out
>good but now I want to enter some pics into a contest where the entries
>require minimum 300 dpi (8" x 10") in horizontal format.
>I have been trying the different tools but can't get the dimensions to
>where I put them.  How do I get this right?
>Thanks for the help folks, I believe I have got it.
The pic I was working with adjusted dpi to 72's when I saved after adjusting
brightness and contrast. When brought into GIMP and  image - scale image - is
called it automatically shows 300's on res. Would not allow width and height
where I wanted from here. Saved res at 300 and went to transform tools - scale
image -  then cropped from transform tools. Cropped a few extra pixels off the
height but that was probably just me rushing and I'll be able to get it right.

Thanks again,


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