>Hi Greg, GimpUsers,
>> Trying to get the second picture done and it keeps getting "squashed".
>> is, my short plump bird is now tall and thin.  Any thoughts?
>I haven't followed all the responses to this thread, but take a gander
>at these two items, depending on which action is occurring:
>Scale - "You can set the Width and the Height you want to give to your
>image by adding or removing pixels. If the chain icon next to the
>Width and Height boxes is unbroken, the Width and Height will stay in
>the same proportion to each other. If you break the chain by clicking
>on it, you can set them independently, but this will distort the
>Crop - Aspect Ratio
>I messed around with interpolation for awhile and did some research on it
and didn't figure out a cure. What I figured out is if set this odd looking
pic as my desktop, it looks fine.  Hmm.  I am going to put some files on disk
and print them off at the drug store to see what comes out.  In the mean time
I'm down to my lasthour t enter so I'm sending them.  

Greg (via www.gimpusers.com)
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