Hi all;


I've posted this in gimp talk and not gotten any answers. It is really 
frustrating me. I have looked all over for answers. 


I have a genius tablet (genius mouse pen 8*6) and it works under Gimp really 
well except for one issue. When first open gimp I am able to draw with the 
mouse. As soon as I colour one pixel with the tablet I can no longer draw with 
the mouse. I can select tools with it just not draw. 

i have found posts scattered around the web on how to fix this issue under 
Linux with Wacom tablet. Under linux you can go to Edit/Preferences and disable 
the mouse this apparently fixes the issue. However under windows there is no 
mouse to disable. 

Anyone have a clue to this one?

Can anyone tell me what logs to look at? Or how to enable logging to look at?

I am running under Vista Gimp 2.6.6 (latest stable). GTK is bundled with the 
installer and comes with a flavour of 2.1.6. I have the newest drivers for the 


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