>> Is the Gimp online manual also available in another format?
>> Currently I am printing out the html pages a small batch at a time.
>> That's a tedious process.  A printed version or even a version in a
>> ...

This might be cheaper than paper, ink, electricity, your time, and a
potential option:

GIMP User Manual: GNU Image Manipulation Program : Photo Retouching,
Image Composition and Image Authoring (Paperback)
by GIMP DocumentationTeam (Author), $30.05

>> ..

>> I agree! A PDF version would be fantastic

This was from the Gimp FAQ:
 Is there a user manual?
 Yes. It is available in HTML form, and in PDF.

But it seems the PDF is 2.4, not 2.6.

> I know nothing of the workflow that results in the current HTML manual
> format.  It would seem to me that producing one or more other formats
> should come out of that same workflow.  I cannot imagine the labor would

I'm in the same boat, so I hope I'm stepping lightly.

There are tools on Linux to convert from various formats. And Windows
too. I'm think'n download the documentation, or it might already be
installed as part of Gimp's help, and run it through one of these
tools to create a PDF format from html.

For the raw Gimp documentation, I'd just like to mention Asciidoc. It
allows you to write documents in text and process them (python) into
html, docbook, pdf, and more. I've followed the google support list
and there was a thread about an author using it for an OReilly book,
who also created a web site. If it would help, in any fashion, the
link is: http://www.methods.co.nz/asciidoc/


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