I get the same thing.  So I checked my event logs.  I get 0xc0000005 error,  
To figure out what this is, you  drop the 'c' and plug it into net helpmsg.  
 This is what I got

C:\Users\thisisme>net helpmsg 5

Access is denied.

So for weeks I tried to think of what it is trying to access.  I kept thinking 
Vista updated itself and caused the problem with a new version.  I think this is
partially correct as it did not happen till a while after I installed 2.6.6

Finally, it hit me.   Vista gives you grief when you access some parts
of the c:\documents and settings folder.  So I right-clicked on the 
gimp-2.6.exe file and said run as administrator.  
This worked moments ago so I am unsure as to the permanency of 
the work around.  I am posting in the hopes that the developers will
see this and correct it on their end

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