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>> Paul W. wrote:
>> > I'm running GIMP 2.6.6 on Vista Home Premium SP1. If I use GIMP
>> and
>> > try to use Colour Tools->Contrast-Brightness GIMP just stops working
>> > crashes. If I run GIMP as administrator then I can use Colour Tools ok.
>> > 
>> > So I guess it is workround.
>> Or re-install it for a user (you)
>> Or set it for general use.  (I know it can be done, but I don't remember 
>> how.)  Check Microsoft's Help and probably any one who supports a 
>> Microsoft office group.
>Or try to help the developers by figuring out what exactly is causing these
problems. So far, people who probably could tell this in an instant were
rarely affected by such problems, so it seems to be up to those who are to
> Using tools like Filemon (or maybe Microsoft's Standard User Analyzer)
could maybe provide some insight.

I have been grumbling and grizzling for ages with this crash problem until I
read this Forum.  I uninstalled 2.6.6 and replaced it with 2.6.7, surprise
surprise!  No more crashes so far.  

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