Would be great (as I said in some fewer posts) to get rid of the empty
image window on startup.

(like the old gimp did...)

So the old gimp did only start into the toolbox. (with a minimal menu,
file, extra...)

Would be great to have that back, cos even on my desktop I mostly have
that gimp toolbox somewhere at the side... and that empty window really
annoys me.


DJ wrote:
> Hi,
>> Anyway, if anyone has any more ideas on making gimp work nicer on a
>> netbook, I'm all ears.
>> ...
> By ToolBox, you mean:
> http://docs.gimp.org/2.6/en/gimp-concepts-usage.html#gimp-concepts-toolbox
> I take it dragging the corners or the side to make it narrow didn't
> help.
> Items can be removed from the ToolBox via Windows > Dockable Dialogs >
> Tools.
> Since space is at a premium, you might want to remove Wilbur
> ((toolbox-wilber no)) on the ToolBox. Akkana Peck has a tip on
> her site. See: http://gimpbook.com/tips.html
> Is it possible to work without the actual ToolBox? I think most of the
> items can be accessed via the Image window under Tools.
> Just some thoughts. HTH
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