Jochen Cichon wrote:
> Would be great (as I said in some fewer posts) to get rid of the empty
> image window on startup.
> (like the old gimp did...)
> So the old gimp did only start into the toolbox. (with a minimal menu,
> file, extra...)
> Would be great to have that back, cos even on my desktop I mostly have
> that gimp toolbox somewhere at the side... and that empty window really
If you're using gimp the window isn't empty and if you're not using gimp 
why have it running?  Note that I'm not a gimp developer because it 
hasn't felt like time to tackle the no doubt steep learning curve, but I 
REALLY appreciate them.   I also really love the new UI (can we still 
say new after all this time?)  It used to be strange and scattered, and 
now with the menus in the image window (whether you've loaded an image 
into it or not), and it staying after you exit the last image things are 
simpler and clearer.  It's a more usual paradigm to have the menus in 
the window you edit things in.  I used to think that I wanted to be able 
to dock the tools and layers on the side of the image window, but now 
realize that I really don't.  I want maximum area for my editing, and 
when I need a tool or want to select a layer mask <TAB> makes it appear 
and then <TAB> makes it go away so once again I have maximum area for 

Just my 2 cents;)

> annoys me.

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