(I'm a newbie.)

I'm trying to modify this image:


It's a 2009 Kawasaki ZX-10R. The orange-red areas need to become silver, 
approximately the color of aluminum. Look at the exhaust pipe - that's 
pretty close to what I envision.

I tried converting it to back/white, but the red area is still too dark. 
I then tried to play with brightness and contrast, but it looks ugly.

Is there a way to select the red parts just based on the fact that they 
are red? Then somehow get rid of chroma and brighten up just the 
selected parts? (while preserving shadows, etc.)

The goal here is to imagine how the bike will look like once it's 
painted silver over the red parts.

I'm not trying to get anyone do it for me, I'm trying to learn how to do 
it myself. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Florin Andrei

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