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Hi Chris,

I appreciate your feedback.  Looking at the history of gutenprint only
solidifies my point which is:

Native Gimp printing = FAIL
Gutenprint (Gimp plug-in) = WIN

My distro is OpenSUSE 11.1 which is a popular, modern Linux distribution
backed by a large company.  I have all the updates.

The fact is that it is the Gimp maintainers who have failed to provide a
working printing system.  Surely, you aren't asserting that the
Gutenprint folks are responsible for Gimp's broken native printing
system... the Gimp folks need to deliver a complete piece of software.
They have nobody to blame but themselves for the current mess.

Gutenprint provides a printing system that works.  The OpenSUSE folks
have NOTHING to do with the fact that Gimp's printing is all but

I'm quite sick of this attitude in the Linux community that distro
maintainers are responsible for broken software.  The truth is that the
distro maintainers are constantly patching and making up for the
inadequacies of the upstream source packages to try to cobble something
together that works.  They often don't succeed.



Chris Mohler wrote:
> On Fri, Jul 24, 2009 at 11:20 PM, Erik Lotspeich<e...@lotspeich.org> wrote:
>> The fact that the Gimp engineers haven't integrated these two printing
>> systems is unacceptable -- they should be ashamed.  Gimp will never be
>> taken seriously until this printing nightmare is resolved.  I am a
>> software engineer myself, so it's not like I'm speaking simply from a
>> user point-of-view.
> Please go here and read the history/purpose of gutenprint (below the news):
> http://gimp-print.sourceforge.net/
> Then direct your rant at whoever is packaging your distro ;)
> Chris
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