I have OpenSUSE 11.1 and Gimp 2.6.2.  I am having a serious problem with
printing that I cannot figure out.

For background, I've used Gimp since 1997 and I'm no novice to Gimp,
Linux, or Unix.

That being said, I found the printing in Gimp 2.2 to be near perfect.
It worked perfectly and had a feature to auto-fit the image to the
correct paper size.  Image rotation (landscape/portrait) was never an issue.

I find the printing interface in Gimp 2.6.2 to be a complete failure in
terms of both interface and functionality.  Here are links to some


I would like to know why the width and height do not correspond to any
reasonable value.  I set my paper size to 4x6 borderless on an HP
OfficeJet 6110.  Printing on this printer works perfectly in other
programs; I'm using hplip and CUPS.

Why is there no auto-resize like there is in Gimp 2.2?

Why is the X and Y resolution pegged to 1133.948?  Why won't it let me
set this value?

The preview does not correspond in any way to my paper size (see the
huge border on the bottom!).

I'm sorry to sound upset by this issue, but I'm completely shocked that
a wonderful program like Gimp would have such a complete regression.
I'm using the distro version of Gimp (OpenSUSE); I haven't tried to
compile the latest version from source.

I also tried Gimp for Windows on my wife's Windows Vista computer.
Printing here is just as much of a failure.  On Windows, it's actually
worse since the page setup options that Gimp provides conflict with the
printer driver's settings (e.g. paper size, rotation, etc.).  I tried
all permutations of portrait/landscape and could never find a way to
print correctly.

Any help or assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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