On Saturday 25 July 2009, Erik Lotspeich wrote:
>Hi Chris,
>I appreciate your feedback.  Looking at the history of gutenprint only
>solidifies my point which is:
>Native Gimp printing = FAIL
>Gutenprint (Gimp plug-in) = WIN
>My distro is OpenSUSE 11.1 which is a popular, modern Linux distribution
>backed by a large company.  I have all the updates.
>The fact is that it is the Gimp maintainers who have failed to provide a
>working printing system.  Surely, you aren't asserting that the
>Gutenprint folks are responsible for Gimp's broken native printing
>system... the Gimp folks need to deliver a complete piece of software.
>They have nobody to blame but themselves for the current mess.
>Gutenprint provides a printing system that works.  The OpenSUSE folks
>have NOTHING to do with the fact that Gimp's printing is all but
>I'm quite sick of this attitude in the Linux community that distro
>maintainers are responsible for broken software.  The truth is that the
>distro maintainers are constantly patching and making up for the
>inadequacies of the upstream source packages to try to cobble something
>together that works.  They often don't succeed.

Erik, I thinnk you are missing a point here.  Gimp is the image tool, yes.
But between foomatic and gutenprint, and as I have epson printers, I'm partial 
to gutenprint, keeping ahead of the continuous efforts of the printer people 
to create a completely dependent on the maker product, so they can give away 
the printer and make it up on inflated ink prices, and do it as well as they 
do, involves at least as many folks to keep gutenprint up to date as it does 
to keep a steady stream of improvements coming along in Gimp.

This is really two separate problems cuz there are 200 printers, all needing 
slightly different drivers out in the field being used every day, for every 
Gimp contributor.  Probably at least 250 under the Epson label alone, & 
Lexmark (spit) probably doesn't make the same model for more than 30 days.

You simply cannot expect the Gimp folks to keep ahead of that.

Those of us who've used Gimp for the last half decade and more, just know that 
we should also pull in gutenprint, or if your distro doesn't have it, build it 
from the tarball, its not THAT difficult.  I've done it many times and I'm 
your classic old fart, I'll be 75 in a couple months.

>> Please go here and read the history/purpose of gutenprint (below the
>> news): http://gimp-print.sourceforge.net/
>> Then direct your rant at whoever is packaging your distro ;)


>> Chris

Cheers, Gene
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