Norman Silverstone wrote on Mon, Jul 27, 2009 at 06:47:26PM +0100: 
> Quite some time ago a method for sharpening was given here and which I
> have enjoyed using. Unfortunately, I have lost my notes and I would be
> grateful if the method could be posted again, please.

For things like eye popping and enhancement of fur patterns the
probably most popular method is unsharp mask.  The default values are
pretty good (although you might want to overdo the intensity and then
use layer opacity to adjust later).

If you get color casts at the edges, decompose into HSV and only
sharpen the V (value) channel, then recompose.

If you do partial sharpening in soft selections many people feather
the selection at the edges to blend in before copying the section to a
new layer for sharpening.  Myself, I prefer to sharpen in a
non-feathered selection and then I use the erasor with a soft brush to
blend in the edges.  It's like interactive feathering.

Be warned that the edge softness doesn't always react well with layer
opacity adjustment, much less duplication of the sharp parts layer.

Hope this helps.

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