On Saturday 05 September 2009 12:54:32 pm Carusoswi wrote:
> I'm trying to follow this smart sharpening tutorial from version 
> Several items in the early steps are slightly different - menu steps to
> decompose vary a bit, for example.

i had the same problem and found that this procedure works for me:

--after decomposing, i go back to the original (or duplicate) image, do 
the edge, levels, and gaussian blur things;
--select all and copy the selection to the clipboard;
--then undo everything until the normal color image is visible again;

--now change to the decomposed image;
--highlight the "L" layer;
--go to channels and add a new one;
--select the new channel and paste the selection still in the cliboard;
--go to layers and anchor the floating selection;
--go back to channels and create a selection from the new channel;
--switch off visibility of the new channel and deselect it, selecting the 
original ones;
--go to layers, make sure "L" is selected, and apply unsharp mask;
--select colors->components (or whatever it's called)->recompose;
--close the (previously) decomposed image and save changes;

now the original image has the smart sharpening applied. if you don't 
like the result, you can undo and start over.

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