I'm trying to follow this smart sharpening tutorial from version 2.6.7. 
Several items in the early steps are slightly different - menu steps to
decompose vary a bit, for example.

But,everything seems to work for me up to step 7, at which I cannot complete
steps beyond.  There must be some slight differences between 2.6.7 and the
version used in the tutorial, as I cannot seem to get the select-all to show
up in the sharpening thumbnail in the layers-channels, etc. dialog.

Any advice?



>> On Monday 27 July 2009 23:17:26 Norman Silverstone wrote:
>> > Quite some time ago a method for sharpening was given here and which
>> > I have enjoyed using. Unfortunately, I have lost my notes and I would
>> > be grateful if the method could be posted again, please.
>> are you looking for this turorial: "smart sharpening" ? URL: 
>> http://gimp.org/tutorials/Smart_Sharpening/
>It is very similar to this, thanks.
>> it's found under the GIMP tutorial section, together with tons of other 
>> useful tips, at http://gimp.org/tutorials/
>Very helpful,thanks.

Carusoswi (via www.gimpusers.com)
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