zed wrote:
> I am very new to The Gimp and, at the moment, floundering :-(
> I want to have some CDs printed with the LinuxMINT logo but the person
> printing the CDs for me wants the image modified to remove the 'hole' in the
> centre.
> I've copied part of the image in an ellipse to cover the 'hole' but am left
> with the edge of the circle, and have no idea how to blend this with the
> rest of the image.
> Any tips would be very welcome but not "too" technical, please.

A non-GIMP solution: look at using the Draw component of the 
OpenOffice.org software. By manipulating circle shapes you can make the 
outside of the image circular, and also hide the centre hole. Still use 
GIMP for manipulating the image itself, but it can remain square, say.

Bob Long
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