The book "Beginning GIMP" by Akkana Peck is really good and always close 
by me when I'm using Gimp...which is pretty often these days. Akkana 
shows a lot of examples in her book and explains them in a way that is 
easy to understand. You can quickly be using the same techniques and 
will feel like a pro. For example I wanted to show someone the 
measurements of a large mug I was using to lather my shaving soap in. I 
photographed the mug and added lines and text layers by the lines to 
show approximate diameter and a few other measurements. It took about 10 
minutes and the result was an instantly usable photo for a potter. I 
learned how to do it by checking Akkana's book. It has a reasonably good 
index and you can quickly find the subject of interest.


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On 08/27/2009 09:28 PM, zed wrote:
> I am very new to The Gimp and, at the moment, floundering :-(
> I want to have some CDs printed with the LinuxMINT logo but the person
> printing the CDs for me wants the image modified to remove the 'hole' in the
> centre.
> I've copied part of the image in an ellipse to cover the 'hole' but am left
> with the edge of the circle, and have no idea how to blend this with the
> rest of the image.
> Any tips would be very welcome but not "too" technical, please.
> Zed
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