zed wrote:
> I am very new to The Gimp and, at the moment, floundering :-(
> I want to have some CDs printed with the LinuxMINT logo but the person
> printing the CDs for me wants the image modified to remove the 'hole' in the
> centre.
> I've copied part of the image in an ellipse to cover the 'hole' but am left
> with the edge of the circle, and have no idea how to blend this with the
> rest of the image.
> Any tips would be very welcome but not "too" technical, please.
> Zed


Yo could also try to put the ellipse part in a new layer, with a layer
mask; and then in the layer mask set an ellipse gradient. If I got right
what you want to do, by doing this you could achieve a smoother blend of
layers than using feathered borders.

Hope it helps.

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