A long(ish) time ago I wrote:
>> Any chance that the ability to load/save layered TIFF files (with zip
>> compression) might appear in a future version of GIMP?
and Michael Schumacher replied:
> Basically the tiff plug-in is waiting for someone to add this. Maybe you
> do want to have a try?
I'm thinking I might like to have a go at this sometime, if I get the chance. 
There's a lot I will need to find out before I can even make a start, so don't 
hold your breath! :-)
1) I'd like to try to do this in python. But I'll need to learn it first. That 
shouldn't be a problem, I have the info, just a matter of getting round to it. 
But I'd like to ask: is that the best thing to use for writing a plug-in? Or at 
least, an acceptable thing? I want to learn python sometime in any case as it 
seems to be used rather widely for add-ons to various packages, eg "blender".
2) I'd need to learn about the TIFF format. Again, shouldn't be a problem; I've 
recently downloaded the definition from Adobe's site. Again, just a matter of 
getting round to it :-)
3) What I will need is specific information about writing for the gimp 
interface - details about how the layers would be accessed, etc. I'm not sure 
where would be the best place to look for information like this. And maybe this 
list won't be the best place for techie questions if I do get started - maybe 
there's a more suitable list (?) 
Any helpful response to (3) would be greatly appreciated!

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