Jaime Seuma wrote:

This is an interesting question also to me.

David Gowers wrote:

No, if you turn off View->Dot for dot then the DPI relative to your
display DPI is used to scale your view of the image.

That much I had already found; but still, when I open a file that has
been scaled only in resolution (for instance 300->700), still the
different imageviewers display the same image.
A 400 pixel wide image will always have exactly 400 pixels across, so on any given display device it will show the same irregardless of the resolution.  On a 70dpi device it will be 5.71 inches wide, on a 90dpi device it will be 4.44 inches wide, on a 300dpi device it will be 1 1/3 in.

If you set the dpi for the image to match the device you intend to show it on, then if, for example you change units on the bottom of the drawing window to inches, it will accurately report to you the sizes of things as you expect to display them.

It won't make it display any differently though.  On a 300dpi device it will still display as 1 1/3 in, even if you set the resolution to 70dpi.   Hope that helps.

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