Thank you all for the tips and links, I think this is enough info to
make me understand the whole thing, and to make me feel comfortable with it.

Best regards


David Gowers wrote:

> In GIMP (and Photoshop, and some other editing software)
> it will make it display differently. If your display reports its size
> correctly and Dot for Dot is off, the image will display at the
> correct size, closely matching the original DPI (of course you do not
> get any more actual dots out of this -- it just means that the
> relative scale of things is correct).
> It's easy to see this if you halve the DPI for one dimension (eg. so
> DPI == 36x72) and then turn off Dot for Dot
>> On a 300dpi device it will
>> still display as 1 1/3 in, even if you set the resolution to 70dpi.
> This is true for most simple 'viewing' software, which doesn't scale
> the view to be accurate. Not for editors that try to be accurate, such
> as GIMP.
> David
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