>>I'm creating a linux distro which is the first in my country (Dominican
>>repolishing) but still do not have artwork, I have nothing prepared and if
>>they can not help to create the wallpaper and boot screens like the logo .
>>Keep in mind that the name of the distro could be even amber palm tree but
>>can not bring myself to leave your comments about this.
>>I'm not asking anyone to believe all this only if someone wants to help
>>that and to spare some time to be grateful .. because I have very little
>>for work and college to put myself to create the art ..
>>Thank you all for reading this ..
>>Data from the distro linuxdom.wordpress.com
>Nobody help me

Not sure if i may do something you like

But anyway your request here
http://www.gimptalk.com/forum/general-requests-f22.html will be welcome and
may have success

anyway to help you better you have to say the name of the distro...ading some
lines to describe its peculiarity (as now we only know a nationality..but if i
am not wrong domenican use same language of many other sudamerican
counrtry..correct ?
so in what else this distro would differ from others?

Clear this point may help to create the artwork

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