>>Oh, one more thing, how can I enter text the old way instead of using the
>>canvas option?  I've made this selection, but don't remember how I got
>I believe the on-canvas text editing is the default for GIMP 2.7. If you
prefer "the old way" you can select "Use Editor" in the options of the Text
tool. You can also tell GIMP to "save tool options on exit" to make this the
default for you.
>However, I cannot test this on my Windows installation, because each time I
click to put text GIMP crashes. But this is a development release, so I
somehow guess this is already fixed in a next release. I guess I should
install GIMP 2.7 on Ubuntu (from Git) to see how this feature is supposed to

The text tool is still a work in progress, as everything in GIMP 2.7. I guess
the current state has not been merged to the git master. as for now you need
to select the text layer in the layers dialog, then click the text on the
canvas. No cursor is shown, but you can remove and write text. you can also
double click a word to select it. There are some more bugs currently i
guess... If text sunndely disappears or is duplicated you can use CTRL+Z to
undo it and continue the work then.

Bernhard S. (via www.gimpusers.com)
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