>Ruthy wrote:
>> Hello
>> I really need to adjust a photograph. It needs to be 600 by 600 pixels.
>> When I change one value it seems to automatically adjust itself.
>> I really need to get this done ASAP, so if you can help it would be
>> appreciated.
>A little more detail might help, but generally if you have loaded it 
>with the GIMP, then first change mode to RGB if not.  Image --> Mode -->
>Now go to: Image --> Scale Image
>and do the small dimension first (probably) and select Scale.
>Then go to Image --> Canvas Size
>unlink the chain and adjust the other dimension so that it is 4:3 
>proportion, center as necessary and click to Resize.  If you resize an 
>image it tends to get a little soft, so now go to:
>Filters --> Enhance --> Sharpen  --> about 50 --> and click OK
>Then save as new name...
>OK, i've got as far as this part:-

" adjust the other dimension so that it is 4:3 

but how do I do this please?

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