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>> >I presume that you are using Scale Image. At the right hand side of the
>> >boxes where you enter the dimensions there are 2 chain links which are
>> >joined together, click on these and they will separate. Now you can
>> >enter your dimensions with out any problem.
>> Its a passport photograph, so doing the little chain things doesn't
>> work, as it becomes distorted.
>> Thats why I was trying to do what the previous poster suggested
>There is a plug-in called Liquid Rescale which would probably do exactly
>what you want.

hay everyone,
I just got back from a photographer friends. She struggled to do much with
the photograph so we just took a new one.
So its all fine now.
But I really want to thank you all for your help and for getting back to me
so quickly, thank you.
Well its late now and I've had enough of messing about with the computer for
Good night, and thank you againe

Ruthy (via www.gimpusers.com)
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