Ruthy wrote:
Ruthy wrote:

I really need to adjust a photograph. It needs to be 600 by 600 pixels.
When I change one value it seems to automatically adjust itself.
I really need to get this done ASAP, so if you can help it would be
A little more detail might help, but generally if you have loaded it with the GIMP, then first change mode to RGB if not. Image --> Mode -->
Now go to: Image --> Scale Image

and do the small dimension first (probably)

==>> here you would probably set the small dimension to 600 - then if you hit tab 
to another field the big dimension will adjust accordingly - when its right select 
scale.  An SLR is commonly 3:2 proportion and a common digital may already be 4:3 
proportion.  ==>

Then go to Image --> Canvas Size

unlink the chain and adjust the other dimension so that it is 4:3 proportion, center as necessary and click to Resize.
When you hit Image --> Canvas Size you first break the chain. Then change the big dimension to "800". Move the cursor to the center function and drag the image around if necessary. Then click Resize.

Also to note - if the original image is larger than than the final when you do the enhance you should end up with a decent picture. If "much" smaller and you area actually growing it to 800x600 then you will lose quality noticably.

In the instructions I assumed that you are starting with a big pic.

If you resize an image it tends to get a little soft, so now go to:

Filters --> Enhance --> Sharpen  --> about 50 --> and click OK

Then save as new name...

OK, i've got as far as this part:-

" adjust the other dimension so that it is 4:3 proportion"

but how do I do this please?

Bob Meetin

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