Please add the following in response to the message regarding "getting colors 
to match" (bottom of this page) left on your blog from Martin.  I would also be 
nice if you could somehow forward it to Tessanne who was basically steamrolled 
by Martin (who I think needs to do a little research before he opens his mouth).


Color management is device specific through ICC profiles.  There are individual 
ICC profiles for specific printers and papers.  For example if I want use 
Ilford Galeria Smooth Glossy Paper on my Canon Pro9000 Mark II, there is an ICC 
color profile for that combination.  All major photo paper manufacturers 
provide ICC profiles for each of their papers matched to specific printers. 


What Tessanne was asking is when will Gimp support printing using an ICC 
printer/paper profiles. Both PhotoShop and Adobe Elements can do this through a 
drop-down in their print menu - unlike the Gimp which relies on the printers' 
print menu.  The current option, from what I understand, is to convert the 
image to an ICC profile for a printer/paper combination.  Of course the image 
will be wrong on your monitor which hopefully is calibrated and you;ll now have 
an additional image in to manage in your files.  


The objective here is to get colors that match from camera to computer to print 
(regardless of whether you print yourself or send the files out - they all 
should match).  


I currently use gimp for editing and then print through Adobe Elements.  This 
really is unacceptable in the long run.  


So the question is:  Will the Gimp get serious about color management as it 
expands into the 16 bit arena or miss the serious color management boat all 


I'm amazed that no one from the Gimp community seems to be paying attention to 
this topic in a meaningful way (just google the topic and you'll spend massive 
getting no where).  It is of critical importance to anyone who is serious about 
their photos and their color.




[Gimp-user] getting colors to match.


On 11/01/2009 08:52 AM, tessanne wrote:
>> Have you looked into doing proper color management with color
>> profiles?
>> / Martin
>> how do I do this... I am a beginner at gimp!
> tessanne

Color management is not program or device specific, to start
you need to learn about color management in general. Googling
on "color management" and reading the first few hits would
be a good start. Next could be to buy a book on the subject.

 / Martin


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