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I am glad to see some mention of this subject: color


We are on an extended migration from Windows with mixed platforms
(Win95, Win95, W2K Pro, and XP Pro) to Ubuntu Linux.  We have always
used Unix and then Linux servers, but with Windows workstations -- which
in turn, for some apps, ran Linux under Cygwin.

We are now using Ubuntu Linux workstations and are trying (with only
partial success) to migrate our workflow and applications usage to the
equivalent Linux apps.  Unfortunately, there are a lot of things that I
could do on Win95 that I still cannot do efficiently/effectively on
Linux.  I wish that more Linux developers would get down in the
work-a-day trenches with us humble users and see how difficult some
simple things are under Linux, compared to older Windows.  Don't get me
wrong ... I strongly dislike Microsoft and I want _off_ of Windows!

Regarding color:

We had previously been scanning large volumes (nearing 50,000 now) of
images (postage stamps) using Photoshop 5.5 on Win98 (yeah, right ...
blue screens and all).  We have been using "Epson Perfection 4490 Photo"
scanners, which I highly recommend for this task.  The color was terrific.

We have spent months experimenting with scanning, using the same exact
scanners and the exact same monitors.  We have scanned from inside gimp
and with standalone scanning products.  However, we have been editing
(rotating, cropping, etc.) in Gimp.   For scanning, we have used Xsane,
VueScan Pro, and anything else we could find.  We simply have not been
able to get the color to come anywhere near an acceptable, accurate
range.  We have fiddled and fiddled and fiddled, but we just can't seem
to get there.

The situation is so important that we are going to have to buy another
Windows XP and run it under VMware from inside the Linux, and within
that, run Photoshop and use the scanner manufacturer's TWAIN driver.

(Unfortunately, we can't use our existing W2K which we run under VMware
because, apparently, to get the scanner's USB to work, you have to use
W2K's Service Pack 4 ... and anything after SP2 let's the elephant's
trunk under the edge of the tent.  I would not be surprised if MS
someday intentionally kills those SP3 & SP4 W2K systems with an "upgrade".)

I know that some of this is not a Gimp-specific problem, but some of it
may be.  The larger point is that for Linux to really become mainstream,
everything running on it has to work at least as well as Win98 ... and
that is not saying much!   This is really frustrating because I _want_ a
Linux/Gimp solution to work, but I can't spend any more months in failed

If I can do the task using the exact same physical monitor, computer
box, and scanner... using XP under VMware on Linux... why should I not
be able to do it natively in Linux with at least the same, if not
better, color quality.

More holistic attention needs to be paid attention to this subject in my

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