On Fri, 20 Nov 2009 10:03:37 -0500, vr wrote:
> I've used edit mode of a program called Thumbsplus to take an image of
> 200H x 210W and reduce image by 10W starting from the left. Is there a
> similar feature in the crop tool of GIMP for quickly reducing a height
> width without free selecting the whole image minus 10W? When I try the
> "fixed" I seem to have trouble getting my selection area lined up with
> image right side.

Oops, after poking around a bit more I realize now that the actual crop
tool's selector is more friendly than the selection tool selector for what
I'm trying to do. I guess the real question I'm asking is how do you get
the selection tool to operate like the crop tools selector? Meaning, not go
outside the perimeter of the layer you want to select within?
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