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> Oops, after poking around a bit more I realize now that the actual crop
> tool's selector is more friendly than the selection tool selector for what
> I'm trying to do. I guess the real question I'm asking is how do you get
> the selection tool to operate like the crop tools selector? Meaning, not go
> outside the perimeter of the layer you want to select within?

I don't believe that is currently possible. If your layer is  
completely opaque, you could perform a "Layer->Transparency->Intersect  
with selection" after having making your selection (this will "trim"  
the selection to lie within the layer's borders).

The following script may prove a slightly better solution, as it will  
also work with non-opaque layers. The command appears as "Within  
Layer" under the Select Menu. (Note: if there is no selection when the  
script is run, the entire layer will be selected.)


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