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> Sorry, those were links to the version of the pictures as displayed by
> Picasa, which has the metadata stripped. The direct download links are
> as follows:
I thought your camera would be very unusual to provide JPEGs w/o
> Adobe RGB:
$ exiftool -a -G -H _GOR3359.JPG | grep Color
[File]               - Color Components                : 3
[EXIF]          0xa001 Color Space                     : Uncalibrated
[MakerNotes]    0x0037 Color Space                     : Adobe RGB

$ exiv2 -pa _GOR3359.JPG | grep Color
Exif.Pentax.ColorSpace                       Short       1  Adobe RGB
Exif.Pentax.ColorTemperature                 Short       1  0
Exif.Pentax.ColorInfo                        Undefined  18  32 131 31
100 31 125 32 156 33 72 32 246 31 51 31 10 0 0 
Exif.Photo.ColorSpace                        Short       1  Uncalibrated

> As I stated in my original post, the sRGB image has the EXIF tag
> "Color space" set as "sRGB". The Adobe RGB picture has that same EXIF
> tag set as "Uncalibrated". That's how it comes right out of the
> camera. Changing it to "Adobe RGB" does not change anything. Gimp
> still doesn't detect the color space properly and still assumes it's
> sRGB.
Here you talk about Exif.ColourSpace. The info above is included in the
blob of nonstandard metadata of Pentax... They do in on purpose, since
the standard for Exif does not allow AdobeRGB:

"While the EXIF header in your images does have a field called "color
space", use of this data is very limited because the only two values
allowed in the EXIF color space field are (1) sRGB and (2) unspecified."

Anyway, it would be good if graphics programs try to identify also the
known maker notes to find out the colour space.


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