On 1/20/2010 9:23 AM, Claus Cyrny wrote:
> Why do you need a 'Minimize' button for the toolbox? For 2.8,
> there will be an optional singe-window mode available (the link
> to the respective article was already posted in this thread).
> Claus

The toolbox should not be linked to the image editing window (especially
when it is always on TOP of the image editing window) for starters. Once
I pick a tool, I don't need to see the tool box. I need to see the image
I'm working on, whether it's 1600x1200 (as any of the full size images


or 250x250. I should be able to float the tool dialogs when I just need
that dialog and not require the entire toolbox. It's much easier to work
around one small window then one large window (I am not going to
constantly resize the entire toolbox, that's a waste of time). The way
GIMP worked in 2.4 was PERFECT. I was hoping only for bug fixes and
security updates past that. I guess if I'm going to continue using The
GIMP I'm going to have to revert back to that version.

What about GEGL and babl you might ask? I really don't give a flip about
either since their website has been down for Lord knows how long and I
have no clue what they are supposed to do (I've tried experimenting with
the GEGL options and was not pleased). At this point I don't care.


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