Scott <> wrote:

> Hey thanks for the information. That was the problem was the image was in
> index mode. Changed it over to RGB and got things to work. I am sitll having
> problems but making progress. 
> Hey Olivier I could definatly use some help here. If you would like to
> contact me at I would appreciate it. 

I'll do it today.

> Here is what I have got so far and you can see the problem. I also would like
> the train to go a lot slower and also stop at the end. The train is only 2
> cars long. Tried it like a dozen times and did get it to slow up once but
> still get the other effects.

To slow up the movement, you need to set the delay in each frame to more
than the default. To make each new frame hide the preceding one, you
need to set it in (replace) mode. Thus the name of a given frame would

frame#xx (replace) (200ms)

for example. Then the train would simply move on the Web page. To stop
it at the end, you need to replace the image itself by another one, or
at least put a very very long delay in the last frame, say 100000ms.

However, when you will use GAP's Move Path tool, it will be much easier,
and above all you will be able to have a stable landscape behind the
train, without being obliged to copy and merge the corresponding layer
with all frames of the animation.


                        Olivier Lecarme
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